Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas Baking, part III

Ok, so the other thing I made over the holidays as melomakarona. I had been waiting foreeeeever to have some, and I finally got around to it on New Years Eve...I had to wait till New Years' Day to soak them in syrup, but I was ok with that.

Now, normally I would post a recipe, but since these didn't turn out I won't bother. They tasted fine plain - I liked the subtle hint of orange peel in them - but the syrup-soaking was a disaster. I had even bought a candy thermometer, to prevent any issues with the temperature of the syrup, and I still managed to mess it up. Instead of cold cookies/warm syrup, I'll do cold syrup/warm cookies, because the syrup kind of turned into taffy by the end! It was soooo hard to get them apart to eat afterwards, and the syrup all just sat on the surface rather than soaking in. We ate them all, but they weren't at all what I wanted.


  1. I just wish they had tasted superb - the syrup was waaaaay too thick and didn't absorb, it just coated the outer layer in a delicious and sticky mess...which then cemented the cookies together in a big heap once they'd cooled.

    I loved the shape of the cookies once they came out of the oven though, they look like walnuts!