Thursday, June 11, 2009

Supper all to myself, part deux.

So, the significant other had to work another evening shift, so I had the kitchen (and couch) to myself. After my disappointing experience with mussels, I couldn't decide whether I wanted more seafood, or something totally different. I ended up getting a bag of frozen shrimp, and a bottle of sundried-tomato alfredo sauce, as well as a carton of mini portobello mushrooms. To this I added, obviously, some fettuccine I had at home, as well as some frozen peas, and at the end I added some grated asiago and a chiffonade of basil, to celebrate the planting of my little mini herb garden (cilantro, oregano, flat-leaf parsley and basil). The sauce went AMAZINGLY well with the basil and the last of my retsina, which made me pretty happy!

Tomorrow: I'm cooking some of my buy-one-get-one-free pork sirloin chops. Question is, what to do with it? Some sort of curry? Maybe just fry it with some olive oil and drizzle lemon on it? There are about a million things I could do with it...


  1. How nice of you to start following my blog :D
    To be honest I can't cook either, so I guess you've captured me with this blog of yours. Think I need to have some inspiration to start learning ;D
    Adding you as well ! Hope you're well :)

  2. I think you're right, it's easier to translate the Swedish than the Greek ;)

    I get lazy about cooking, even when I do cook I take shortcuts (frozen pre-cooked shrimp, bottled sauce...not very gourmet!), but I love a good meal, and if my boyfriend really likes it I'm pleased, because he can be a bit picky. I read so many cooking blogs, that I wanted to write one and chronicle what I do cook, as a motivation to do it more. Although the thought of taking pictures while my boyfriend is around kind of makes me not want to, because he won't understand why I'm doing it and he'll tease me, so I just did some on those days when he was away. And besides, I can be more creative then, because I can use some favorite ingredients (mushrooms, onions, seafood) that he doesn't like.

    I hope it inspires you though, maybe I'll share some simple recipes, since I'm still learning, and we can learn together!

    I'm doing well, my new job is much better than my old me lots of time to relax on the computer, but it pays better too! It's been reeeeeally rainy all day today, which is a bit depressing (I'm wearing a sweater in June! But I'm wearing sandals, because I hate shoes, heh heh), and my day has been boring and sleepy, but at least it's good for the flowers and the gardens...and as far as being sleepy, what harm could a third cup of coffee do, hmm?